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Our History


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The spiritual journey for Bishop Robert L. Hawkins began when he was baptized in the name of JESUS in 1952 at the Bible Way Church in Washington, DC.  After dedicating his life totally to Christ he received the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Soon thereafter, Bishop Hawkins began fellowship with the Scripture Church of Christ in Falls Church, VA under the pastorate of Elder George L. Marshall.  After responding to the ministerial calling of GOD, he was ordained an Elder in 1955. 

Through the leadership of Bishop Hawkins and Mother Josephine Hawkins, The Redeemed Church of Christ was founded in November 1980 as the church began with prayer services in their home. From these meetings the church was organized with a charter membership of nine individuals.  

As the church continuously progressed the Redeemed Church of Christ began having services at Cameron Elementary School in Alexandria, VA in January 1981. Later in the year, in December 1981, the church moved to 1529 King Street in Alexandria, VA where the membership continued to grow. A new location was identified on September 05, 1985 on 4 East Oak St, Alexandria, VA, where the current congregation continues to worship.

In a glorious celebration on April 2002, our Founder became Pastor Emeritus entrusting the congregation and vision for the church to Elder Darryl Thomas, who served as pastor for 12 years. In April 2017, Elder Joshua Bullock was installed as the third pastor of the Redeemed Church of Christ and continues to carry forth the mission and the vision of the church.

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